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How it works
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Laundry Vendors

  • Remember anyone can be a vendor. You just need access to a washing machine.
  • Register online as a vendor or an individual contractor
  • Update your personal and Business Information
  • Add the services you offer
  • Activate your account

  • Your account also includes different features that will help you service your clients more effectively.

How to market your services

  • Advertise on classifieds such as Craigslist® and others; linking your ad with your service via your personalized URL.
  • Live in an apartment? Print out flyers and slip them under your neighbors doors
  • Simply just tell a friend.
Laundry Clients
  • Register online as a client
  • Get your laundry ready
  • Have a couple of trash bags ready
  • Separate your laundry (Whites and darks)
Inventory your Laundry
  • Inventory your clothes into washing loads
  • Create an order sheet recording your inventory (your clothes) from your client account
  • Print a copies of the inventory (for yourself and for each bag)
  • Put each load in a separate trash bag with the inventory sheet inside
  • Now your laundry is ready to be picked up or to be delivered to a vendor
  • You can use the website to send your inventory list to your vendor before pickup.
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