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About Us

MyLaundryOnline.com offers new solutions to an age-old existing problem.

Our mission as a company is to provide online laundry services that bridge that gap between those who need a laundry service and vendors that offer such a service.

Our goal is to help alleviate the household burden of spending a large amount of time washing laundry; as well as creating jobs for both laundry service providers and domestic cleaners; that wish to start their own business in this tough economy.

Building Relationships

We are committed to the growth and expansion of the MyLaundryOnline network, and the potential is truly global. At the same time, though, there is a sense of community that is beginning to build here, since we all come together in this “virtual location” for a common purpose. Some come to work; some come to get work done. We facilitate these relationships.

And relationships are really what we are talking about. Despite the fact that MyLaundryOnline makes its “home” on the Internet, the actual work gets done between and among real, live people, eventually in every state in the country and then worldwide. We help build relationships between service providers and customers, brokers and businesses, students and homemakers, professionals and tradesmen – anyone and everyone who has either (a) dirty laundry or (b) the ways and means to clean it.

It really is that simple. We are here to introduce you to the people you need to know, whether you are requesting or offering services – or both.

If you have questions or problems, first consult the Help or the FAQ page. If you still have a problem, then call or e-mail us. For customer service, call 1 (877) 254 - WASH (9274) or send an e-mail to customerservice(at)MyLaundryOnline.net.






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