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Business Opportunity

The MyLaundryOnline™ network was designed for two powerful purposes. First, it is a simple and straightforward way to bring people who need a service together with those who offer the service. But more than that, it is really an open-ended and flexible business opportunity – one that requires no investment beyond a little detergent and a little time.

Laundry Washers

Hey! Are you thinking about doing laundry this weekend? Well, why not make some extra cash doing your neighbor’s laundry too.

As easy as it sounds the mount of time it takes to put your clothes in the laundry machine might be the same time your might be putting extra loads into a second or third machine depending on the availability of laundry machines.

So why not take advantage of your next trip to the laundry machine and makes some cash!

Do you own a washing machine?

If you own a washing machine at home, why not turn your washing machine into a cash machine! With MyLaundryOnline™ you can schedule laundry drop-offs where you client drop their laundry off at your place or a designated spot. With the laundry machine at home 24/7 you set the time and hours you do the work even if you work a day time 9 to 5 job.
All you need is laundry detergent.

Do you have a laundry machine at home? Well think again!

Laundry vendors

Whether you own a laundry or dry cleaning service or just want to make extra cash doing other peoples laundry; MylaundryOnline.com has the right solution for you.  MyLaundryOnline™ provides you with a personalized page for your business – showcasing your services and the business times and schedules you operate. 

The network provides you with tools to link your existing laundry business with MyLaundryOnline™ all you need to do is just register an account, add your services and rates and your are ready to start receiving laundry appointments from your clients.

House Cleaners

House cleaners on their hands can arrange to work at a client’s home, washing clothes in the client’s machines. Or they can pick up the client’s laundry and do it at a Laundromat, a friend’s home or in their own washers and dryers charging a nominal fee for their service - the possibilities are nearly unlimited.

Stay at Home Parents and Home Based Businesses

Today with the advent of the internet more and more businesses are being developed at home. Most people are also working smarter and are utilizing the time and resources they have between work and staying home with their kids.

MyLaundryOnline™ has created the platform for businesses to grow right from the computer screen. All you need is a computer, the internet and a access to a laundry machine which everyone presumable has. Your success all depends on how much you are willing to do. With our network every minute of your time is a potential for making money.


In fact, college students have a built-in customer base right where they are. While some students are organized and efficient, others may have trouble getting everything done. Offering a busy college student an inexpensive way to avoid doing laundry can be the start of a real business, one that could even pay for more education. The only limit to the earnings here is determination.

Cleaning Brokers or Contractors

Not a student? Not got a lot of time? Not a problem. You could also run a “Drop Box” operation as an independent broker (or middleman). You can arrange to pick up laundry from neighbors, apartment buildings, professionals in their offices, hospitals, rest homes or any number of other locations, then deliver the laundry to a dry cleaner or professional laundry. A reasonable fee for your services, multiplied by the various locations you service, can add up quickly to a good part- or full-time income.

How easy it is to …

How many jobs can you think of where you not only set your own hours, but decide just how much work you will do, and where, and how?

We shouldn’t even call it a job. It’s more like a business opportunity for students, stay-at-home parents and anyone else who doesn’t need or want a full-time job. For many of you reading this right now, this is the perfect chance to turn unused time into money. And you can do it in many, many ways.

With MyLaundryOnline™ you can list your service as well as search for others who need it. You will set appointments and use our network as your “virtual office.”  You can do the work yourself, or you can act as a broker and turn it over to a professional cleaner or another individual. You can even create your own network of customers and service providers, in your local area or anywhere else.




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