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The pace of life today can be unrelenting. There is so much to do, whatever your age is, that the days just seem to fly by. That’s the world we live in. But the fact is, the world we live in is changing, too, and the Internet is able to connect people like never before.

People are connecting for dating, marriage, car buying and employment, while businesses in cyberspace are selling products and services at an ever-increasing rate. MyLaundryOnline is using the same successful business and technology model to bring everyday people the everyday solutions that they really need.

And what everyone needs, quite simply, is more time! The way to get it is to unload some of the drudge work onto someone who is willing to do it for a fair price. Why do laundry when you can go to the park with the kids, or work on your garden or other hobby, or make a few more sales calls? Stay-at-home moms, Fortune 500 executives, college students, people who want a flexible part-time job – MyLaundryOnline is the new online community that is bringing all of you together to solve your common problems.

Once life’s basic needs are taken care of, you can plan your days and weeks as you want to. And one of the “basic needs” of life is clean laundry. If you can get your dirty laundry taken care of quickly, simply and cost-effectively, why wouldn’t you? What you do with the time you save will be far more valuable than the small sum you will pay for your laundry to be cleaned.

Money is valuable, true. But more free time? That’s priceless. That’s what you get from MyLaundryOnline.




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